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1 sheet of stickers. Wonderful for a planner or a gift set! _____________________________________________________________________ F E A T U R E S - 4 in. x 6 in. each sheet. - matt paper. _____________________________________________________________________ Please message me if you need this shipped ASAP! I usually ship the same or next day if it is possible. _____________________________________________________________________ A digital version of these stickers are available! _____________________________________________________________________ Go ahead and follow our social media accounts! IG @ltr.key Thanks! Nancy Alvarado

Always Rejoice Stickers


payment instructions: (the shop platform is not active yet) 


1. Screenshot your cart/items you want to purchase - DM it to us 


2. Once I accept the purchase, send the total payment on paypal, zelle, or venmo.

4. I will send you the tracking information ASAP!

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