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April Updates: The Shop

So as we all know, these are changing. If you are new to the newsletter, hello and welcome!! The shop has been pretty quiet, as expected, but that means there is more time to develop and get creative for new things to offer! I am asking for your help here; I would like to design more freebies to download and help with the "stay at home" situation. What are your suggestions? For study, schoolwork, at home jobs, you name it. Fill out this form with ideas!:

Today's Newsletter:


New Shop Items!

Regional Assembly Notebooks: I'm assuming some assemblies will be moved to video - which is so sad but reasonable so we can all stay as healthy as possible! I have had to put these notebooks on pre-order so I know how many to get made and to help with the order. You can get them with regular lined pages so that you can use them for any notes, not just the assembly. If you plan on having one and it is possible for you to do so, I would appreciate a pre-order! Check out the listing, I am so excited about this design!


- English: Jade cover & Gold foil.

the option of program or no program.

- tabs.

- bookmark.

- Spanish: Cream cover & Rose Gold foil.

the option of program or no program.

- tabs.

- bookmark.

8.5x5.5” // Standard Matte Board // Bronze Wire-O binding // Black text.

Animal Crossing Inspired stickers - printable: Ok so I have a confession; I don't have a switch. Which that means I don't have the game. SOOO I had to get that itch somehow and decided to draw some of my favorite items/ characters from the game and offer them up for download! For now, I will have to stick with Pocket Camp on my phone.

Photography Art Prints: Since we can't travel for a good while, I figured it was a good time to pop out some photos from my past trips! I featured my favorites from Mexico and France but I have more to come. These are available as physical prints or you can download them and print at home!


Personal Update:

Thankfully, I have already been working from home for a while now; but things have definitely been different! Not being able to leave the house has put a strain on all of us but we have to do our part to stay safe! I have been doing a lot of cleaning, video-chatting, playing with my pets and rearranging their spaces, and cooking with the family. It's hard to stay creative when things are so scary, but it's a good distraction.



Most of you are here *because* you already got the freebie, but in case you haven't, here's the link to the download! Let me know what other items you would like, I want to send out freebies much more regularly.



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