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A quiet fall & preparing for 2021

Today's Newsletter:

  • Changes in the Shop

  • Preparing for 2021

  • New Shop Listings!

Changes in the Shop:

fall and winter tend to be slower months at the shop - but this is when I take the time to be creative and develop new ideas. I do however have a new Ministry Journal for purchase and you can still pre-order the new undated planners! I can't wait for them to finally arrive.


Preparing for 2021:

I had a lot of fun drawing these bunnies and I got so excited that I put them.. everywhere. We got stickers and 2 different calendar options for 2021!


New Shop Listings: to shop


Video Products:

Cricut Machine

Watercolor Paints

Epson Printer

Mush Postcards

Always Rejoice Notebook

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