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9 easy bullet planner setup for 2021

My journal is messy - so it's easy!

This year I decided to use a mini bullet journal. Partly because I already had it (and I need to use up all my empty notebooks) and partly because I want something I can easily put in any bag or pocket. I got this black passport size Exceed dotted notebook from Walmart for like 3 bucks!

These are the lists I keep in my journal to reflect back on throughout the year:

1. Personal Policies This is just a list of things to remind yourself of. Certain ideas and concepts/mottos/lessons you live by or want to live by. Some of these are just simple advice that can change many times.


  • Always choose stairs

  • listen with purpose

  • alone time is good

  • never regret loving as much as you can

2. "5 Year Plan" & "30 by 30" I use this as a long-term reminder of where I'm headed. I then later use this list to narrow down the work I need to do this year, month, and day.


  • invest in a new business

  • publish a book

  • open an online shop

the "30 by 30" list is the same concept, but it gives you some more time for broader goals (depending on when you start the list) - you can also make a "40 by 40" or "100 by 100" list - it's your journal!

Keep in mind these shouldn't be things that are totally out of your control. Don't make a goal like "get married" if you are single and have no control over this event. Something like "get a dog" would be a reasonable event that you can save for and do research on. These are only concepts to remember when you are scheduling smaller tasks so that you keep on track and look back on. It gives you a reason to move forward and goals like this are nice when you have a hard time imagining what your future would look like.

3. 2021 Year Goals This list is pretty straight forward. But I like to have 3-4 goals per category.

  1. Spiritual

  2. Relationships

  3. Health (Mental & Physical)

  4. Financial

  5. Career

I didn't originally put this in any specific order - but after reflecting I realized there is a sort of hierarchy within these categories.

4. Things I accomplished in 2020

It is important to remind yourself that this past year DID have positive notes. Every setback or difficult situation did not stop you from growing. Sometimes I totally forget everything I worked hard on in the past months and I feel like I did nothing at all. I have to look back at my last journal and am amazed at how much actually got done. Even small accomplishments should be acknowledged.

5. Year View

I just make a space to list out the top events per month so I can see it all at once.

6. Financial Freedom

Do research to find out what type of financial goals you can set for yourself this year!


  • Track expenses

  • An emergency fund of 3-6 months living expenses

  • 401k Match or another Retirement plan

  • Invest in yourself

  • Other investments (Stocks, IRA's, etc)

7. Routines or Habits

I like to write down things that I would like to get done every day, week, and month - if everything went my way.



  • take my vitamins

  • be active for 30 minutes

  • read


  • personal study

  • water plants

  • laundry


  • send invoices

  • backup files

  • watch new broadcast

8. 2020 Reading List Are there any books you have been wanting to pick up? this is the year.

9. Mood tracker I keep mine pretty simple. A mood cant always be described using one color, but it is a good way to reflect on how you actually feel. I skip days all the time - but a blank space also logs that on this specific day, you just weren't in the mood to track your mood. And that's okay!

Exceed Notebook $3.00:

These are mostly whole sets of markers but you can ger singles if you go to a store in person!

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Faber-Castell Skin Tones Pitt Brush Pen :

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Y&C Gel Extreme Pen:

Papermate Tuff Stuff Eraser (Ok I could only find this price which is crazy so I'm also linking another one):

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